Radical Mind Studios is a non-profit developer of independent games and mods for different games and engines. Right now we are just working "just for fun" on our projects and hope to get a good team together to make further steps in gaming industry.

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Anywhere [OLD] We´re looking for model artists at Radical Mind Studios

we´re looking for model artists radical mind studios anywhere artists for our eduke32 mod "brute force" we are still in need for model artists. due to the limitations of the eduke32 (a highly modified duke nukem 3d - engine) we are searching for volunteers, who want to help us with low poly (up to 10,000 polys) enemy models, weapon models, npc models, and so on.... the models need to be in (quake 3) md3 format, a blender plugin is available. also we are searching for artists, who can convert, texture, rig and animate existing models. sorry, we can not pay any wage, but every contributor will be fully credited. for further information please contact us here on moddb or send an email to bruteforce-tc@gmx.de

Anywhere [OLD] Model Artist wanted - for an EDuke32 standalone mod at Radical Mind Studios

model artist wanted - for an eduke32 standalone mod radical mind studios anywhere artists hello everybody, we are a non-profit developer currently working on the eduke32-standalone-mod brute force. currently we are searching for model artists, who can help us with different model related developments. 1. unwrapping, rigging and animating exisitng blender models and exporting into the md3-file format (an blender exporter is available). 2. texturing, rigging, animating and unwrapping existing models made with wings3d and milkshape and exporting them to the md3-file fomat. 3. creating low-poly models (characters, weapons, enemies, items and other assets). max. polycount: 10,000 polygons. 4. grouping models (like trees, rocks, etc.) to increase frame rate ingame. if you think you fit to one of the positions above, feel free to contact us. what we can offer you: currently we are a team of two hobbyists and duke3d addicts, who have to deal with real life stuff like families and jobs, we aren´t able to offer you any payment for your work (sorry for that). the mod will absolutely free of any charge either. but you will be working in a funny team of lazy guys who are interested in what you have to say to the ongoing development. we don´t have any dead lines or fixed dates - just work as fast as you want as long you finish your work sooner or later of course you will be a fully credited member of our team. for any questions please contact us...

Jun 25, 2013
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