Project Erion is my game project. I already have ideas for a few games in many genres. And I´m developing them alone and with my friends under the name Project Erion. You can follow our progress online at

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Anywhere [OLD] Character Artist at Project Erion

character artist project erion anywhere artists hello and thanks for visiting! who we are: project erion is my game project. i already have ideas for a few games in many genres. and i´m developing them alone and with my friends under the name project erion. you can follow our progress online at of course i have experience with making games. like everybody i learnt from my mistakes and know that creating a game is very and long hard work. also i have more than just story ideas but also an almost fully playable level. what are we working on: this is my game the legend´s end. the game will take place in a fantasy world and is much inspired by shadow of the colossous, zelda and sword and sworcery. the hero has to kill ten guardians and absorb their power to free the world from a horrible curse. i´m not very far in development now, so feedback would be great. the whole game is made with the udk and blender. plans: - the hero will learn magical skills in the later game which will be necessary to defeat all guardians - antic puzzles who can be solved only by the legendary hero to make sure that my game gets an audience i made up a blog and a site on indiedb. also i posted in forums. i got many positive and constructive feedback and so i think i´m developing the game in the right direction. here the links: indiedb site of the legend´s end: our development blog project erion: who are we looking for: character artist (2d/3d) as you can see all of the work is done by me. i´m glad that the udk offers many good tools and assets and that the internet is full of content suitable for every game. but of course not every problem can be solved by this way. so i would need the help of really good people to go on with the game. i would need your help to create, animate and texture the human characters of the game. there will be only 3 in the game so i think this should be a possible task. i already created a very basic model of the hero (eric) and you could of course use him as a start if you wish. requierements: - experience with a modeling and animation package of your choice (but should have the opportunity to export to udk) - experience in modeling and animating human characters - a skype account to talk about the details would be great - a portfolio is not needed but would make me impressed i´m looking forward to hear from you

Dec 5, 2011
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