So, who are we? We are a small, experienced and passionate team of international game modders and professional developers that was initially formed under the banner of Sandstorm Productions. The majority of our team previously worked together on the highly respected modification 'Mare Nostrum', for Red Orchestra: Ostfront. This subsequently became the first ever non-source engine mod to be released over Steam in 2008. Since late 2010 we have been working on In Country: Vietnam for Red Orchestra 2 under the new banner of Pop Smoke Games.

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Anywhere [OLD] Weapon/Character Animator at Pop Smoke Games

weapon/character animator pop smoke games anywhere artists we are currently looking for animators to fill a few positions game description in country: vietnam is a brand-new, multiplayer first person tactical shooter being developed for the pc. it is a total conversion mod for both red orchestra 2: heroes of stalingrad and red orchestra 2: rising storm. in country: vietnam marks the first time that the red orchestra series will depart from the battlefields of world war ii by plunging players into the claustrophobic jungle environments of vietnam. players can expect to face all new dangers; from crossing deadly open rice fields or clearing rural villages beset with traps, to defending entrenched fire-base positions and more! in country: vietnam - gameplay teaser 1 - mod db weapon / character animators (please note that all positions are volunteer and unpaid) requirements & skills creation of believable and highly detailed first and third person animations knowledge of weapon / character rigging and export for ue3 is a must be able to work in 3ds max 2010 or newer requires active communication with our team of artists / technical persons

Dec 4, 2010
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