Plan Z Virtual Studio is a group of volunteer developers dedicated to the creation of "Heroes and "Villains", a comic book MMORPG.

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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Short-term Rigging Assignment at Plan Z Virtural Studio

short-term rigging assignment plan z virtural studio anywhere artists we're looking for an animator/artist who can expand on the base skeleton that we already have - the engine that we're using is best optimized if all animated clothing parts are part of the base skeleton, and it also has an upper bone limit of 75 - so we would need extra bones for a variety of clothing items to be attached to this base rig, without going above the 75 bone limit. an example of the extra parts we need added to the rig would be bones for wings, capes, tails, long robes/dresses and long hair.

Mar 5, 2013
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