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May 30 2011 Anchor

@ Pieter, nice :)

And good for Spider to get his hands on also(if he hasn't already). I had a music teacher back in my school days that loved traditional sea shanty's. He had a large collection on vinyl, most very rare, and some dating back to pre-vinyl days(so on those old metal cylinder recording things) that had been updated to vinyl(he may have done this himself, he was that keen on the stuff!). We were all teenage kids thinking 'what the..?' while he was trying to explain the core of the music and how it was some of the earliest music that all the modern stuff evolved out off. I wish we had shown more appriciation at the time, i might have been able to get some of his rare collection.

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Miklkit curmudgeon
May 30 2011 Anchor

The sister ship to heavylineship1, heavylineship2, is now on the FTP with the upgraded rigging.

I am now giving the evil eye to the other pinnaces, but am wondering how much time is left before patch 6 is ready to be released?

May 30 2011 Anchor

Indeed, I have long since stuck my hand deep in Pieter's music collection. haha :P I'm gonna do the music after I'm done with the SFX. First thing I'm gonna do is mix parts of the POTC 4 soundtrack into our existing POTC music pack.

Pieter_Boelen Third Officer
May 30 2011 Anchor

I'll probably wait with Patch 6 at least until Armada is back, so he can still have some stuff included if he wants. I need to build up my enthusiasm to actually compile the bloody thing. AND we need to have HTTP links to an FTP working.


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Latest Playable Beta: Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 5

Miklkit curmudgeon
May 31 2011 Anchor

Yeah, I noticed a sea change in your attitude late last year.

When I was young I rode dirt bikes very regularly for 12 years. Then decided I was through and sold the bikes.
In 1998 I bought a race car game. I was already racing on my computer, so had a wheel and everything already. It was just over a year ago that I quit racing that game. Wrapped up the wheel and put it in storage. Still miss it tho.

When I first got here Captain Maggee was just keeping the place running till you got back. This was your baby. Now you are stepping back and letting others do more. You have been here for some years. Maybe you just need to recharge your batteries.

I've gone as far as I'm going to with the pinnacofwar40g. The main GM is bugged and "cannot be read". That actually did not matter except that the lateen only has one rope instead of the usual five ropes. So with the back of the ship looking kinda nekkid it didn't make sense to get too carried away with the rest of the ropes. It still looks good tho.

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Jun 1 2011 Anchor

Added a new version of the main 'Archipelago map' to the ftp, also the dangerous InternalSettings.h file i've been changing and my initItems.c file which has been changed quite a bit!

Updated my previous new version of the 'Brass Compass' skin you can select in the 'Advanced Options'. To make the smaller 'Cheap Compass' usable in higher resolutions(tested upto 1920x1200), i've fully 'reddend' the 'N' cardinal direction now, so it stands out by that colour so you can tell which is north, even if you can't read the detail on the compass direction. Updated and on the 'ftp' now. It works quite well for higher-rez users, and looks ok in lower rez too :)

As it turns out i had got the 'Brass Compass' skin to work fine from my early games(i just hadn't spotted the change!), so in the end i didnt need to do any re-working of the stock 'blue+orange' compass files(compass.tga.tx, compass1.tga.tx) - they are both visable fine in higer res(1920x1200 etc).


An Update on 'Malcolm Hatcher_dialog.h' file. Just a small thing around his instruction on how to use the shipyards services. Where he used to say 'ask him to repair you ship, then click on the ship to repair', he know says 'ask him to check your ship, then click on the ship to repair'. This is to make it fit in with the new dialogue option for this particular shipwright.


Another update, this time to the initItems.c file on the 'ftp'. I've had to change the code to allow the 'Archipelago' map become a sellable item in the trade shops. After trying the rand function to 1(from 0) in the maps section code by KK, i found another one(in addition to the one you start the game with) and couldn't get rid of it without the change! So it is possible to now sell all the maps, find them in random loot pick ups, still not sure how to make them have some kind of rarity value, so their appearence in the shops is a little more random etc.

This was very much a 'test' thing, and i'm still not sure if maybe it is better to leave them as non-appearing in the random loot finds, and just get them in stores(but increase price)? Also when you do find them as random loot they have a weird name, later in your inventory they will show up as 'Barbados' etc.

EDIT: as of 19:00 hrs GMT, I've uploaded the initItems.c file to include all comments in the file, some were in testing stage, so had not been commented(like the new price for maps etc). That file should explain all the changes i've made now, to make it easier to see what you want to try out or not.

EDIT2: Found a bug in my initItems.c file! it gives an 'error' text in the exchange items menu, where it should say, 'good pistol', 'broken rapier' etc!!!

And that might be my last bit of mod work before my holiday!

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