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Anywhere [OLD] WANTED: Animators, Source Level Designers, 2D Artists, 3D Modelers, Voice Actors at Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

wanted: animators, source level designers, 2d artists, 3d modelers, voice actors pirates, vikings and knights ii anywhere artists animator must be capable of producing realistic looking animations that flow well. must also have experience with the source engine and the process of compiling animations into the model. environmental artist call yourself a mapper, a level designer, or an environment artist - it doesn't matter. preferably though. you should know how to make your own props. you should also know all there is to know about the theories and practices of level design for multiplayer environments. above all, you should know how to make a fun, visually appealing kickass map. 2d artist/illustrator/texture artist could be one person, could be three. as you can probably see from this almost completely art-free advertisement, we need experienced 2d artists capable of producing a variety of different types of 2d art, and regularly. you need to be able to produce textures, class icons, concept art, graphics for promotional material and all that fun stuff. 3d modeler whether you specialize in characters, weapons or props, we need you! must be able to produce lovely-looking models that fit in with pvkii's art style. voice actor think you've got the perfect voice to match one of our classes? come on by! you must have your own equipment with experience in voice acting and of course, examples of things you've done in the past!

Anywhere [OLD] Octoshark Studios Seeks Talented Artists at Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

octoshark studios seeks talented artists pirates, vikings and knights ii anywhere artists octoshark studios is currently looking for artists to fill out our team and finish work on our first mod -- pirates, vikings and knights ii. this is a perfect opportunity to beef-up your resume, and we may have paid positions available in the future! we are an easy-going team with high-quality work that has been reviewed by pc gamer, ign and more. here are a few examples of what the critics think: "the rampant silliness and absurd title hide a remarkable robust and satisfying melee game..." - pc gamer "the graphics still look amazing. the maps are the best i have seen on the source engine..." - ign "one of the greatest half-life 2 mods to date." - mod db "i did have sexual relations with that game." - bill clinton* *that last one may or may not be true! we are looking to fill the following positions: animator environmental artist prop and weapon modellers character artist all applicants should provide quality examples of their work.

Anywhere [OLD] Prop Modeler at Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

prop modeler pirates, vikings and knights ii anywhere artists pirates, vikings, & knights ii is currently recruiting prop modelers. prop modelers will work with our environmental artists to help fill out levels. experience working in the source engine is a must. modelers must be able to model and skin their own props, and must be able to compile them to work in-game.

Anywhere [OLD] GUI Artist at Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

gui artist pirates, vikings and knights ii anywhere artists octoshark studios is currently looking for a skilled gui artist to help redesign our user interface for pirates, vikings and knights ii. pvkii is a source engine modification that is currently available for download on steam. applicants should be proficient with graphics design software and source engine implementation. must be highly skilled and motivated. will work with our programmer to design new gui components for a few new features and redesign what we currently have.

Feb 29, 2008
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