We are the developers of the "Phoenix at War" and "Force Corruption" Mods. If you want to join us, apply.

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Anywhere [OLD] Looking for Moddeler at PhoenixAndLeviathan Mod Development

looking for moddeler phoenixandleviathan mod development anywhere artists for the non-commercial mod phoenix at war we need someone to modify pre-made models so they fit into the game(star wars empire at war: forces of corruption) this means that you will have the following tasks: - converting them into .alo, if they aren't already(i am not completely sure about that point) - adding bones, if these aren't already there - reducing poly count to a level that is acceptable(yep, reducing, not increasing lol, sounds weird i know) - minor changes like texture improvement or adding some details, if needed(we can talk about that point later) there is no wage, sorry. but we can talk about the details later, as there might later be more tasks coming. but first of all this is what has to be done. organization: the models will be free downloads, that i will have on my computer, and i will either send you those or send you the link, depending on what is possible and what is easier. you later send me those in a .rar-file, so i can add them into the mod. requirements are: - 3d max studio - knowing how to use that program(duh) - a bit of time to do this things(thank you, captain obvious!)

Jul 4, 2013
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