We love playing games,soo, Why not to make them? We are not professionals (yet) but we love this. Full of ideas, and ready to share with the world :) Always nice temper and good actitude, thats how the winners are!!! ;)

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Who's Him? (Company : Paranormal Studios : Forum : Adventure Maker Games : Who's Him?) Locked
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May 29 2013, 7:41pm Anchor

Discover the mysteries behind the events, and why you'be being tormented in this way ... An adventure game developed with stories and legends that many people know...

Who's Him? Who's Him?
Who's Him? Who's Him?

Well, This was our second project. A little game with an easy engine. And all the images, in the beginning, we used Sketchup. But finally we found an artist who is going to make the drawings. So it'll be a hand-made game. And by hand-made I mean by paper and pencil. I actually know the title is wrong. It should be "Who's He" but, it was funny for us to discover (like ten days after) our mistake and we just kept it xD

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