We love playing games,soo, Why not to make them? We are not professionals (yet) but we love this. Full of ideas, and ready to share with the world :) Always nice temper and good actitude, thats how the winners are!!! ;)

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The Bloody Candy (Company : Paranormal Studios : Forum : Unity Games : The Bloody Candy) Locked
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May 29 2013, 7:25pm Anchor

A famous killer, a noob detective... a brutal crime... you'll be up to it?

The Bloody Candy The Bloody Candy
The Bloody Candy The Bloody Candy
*Sigh* The Bloody Candy. This was our first project. This game is going to kill me sooner than I expected it to. When I started modding I thought it was easy. And it wasn't, but at least, the functions were made before. In a Unity game, they are not. :( I'm learning this pretty slowly so I won´t have this game finished this year. We'll try. But it´s an impossible mission.

I say it all the time, but once more. I'm Spanish so, please, excuse my bad english.

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