Created in 2011 in the back row of a science class, Cameron and Ben began planning out their future game and company. Starting out as just a cylinder walking around on some grass, Outpost was born becoming the obsession of the developers. They quickly realised that people don’t want to play a game about floating cylinders so they grabbed a character, some guns, a scene and some code threw it all together and forged a game so indie its afraid of being mainstream. Cameron and Ben took a big step back and admired the almighty Outpost update 1!, however upon closer inspection they realised that it was rubbish and decided to remake the entire thing again! With their profound genius they decided to call the company Outpost aswell because almost every other name was taken and they couldn’t think of anything else. Now with a youtube channel, a website, a Facebook page and all the other necessary company goodness they are ready to take the world by storm.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Jul 23rd, 2013

A Player modeler is needed to Model, Skin and Rig Player models. Animation Skill is also a plus. For our game Outpost, we will be needed 2 Player models (Male and Female) and 4 Skins.

Check out our IndieDB page

Youtube Videos

Download the game and try it yourself

We need someone who can
- Work efficiently
- Work creatively without concept art
- Meet Deadlines
- Good Communicator
- Willing to work unpaid

Apr 10, 2013
Must apply to join
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