Onyxfire Games is a small group of freelance game developers made up from around the world. Project Kursed is one of their first mods in development.

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Anywhere [OLD] Character Modeller at Onyxfire Games

character modeller onyxfire games anywhere artists project kursed is in need of a dedicated character modeller. previous work listings with images are required. the applicant must be ok with modelling anthropomorphic characters from nintendo's star fox series. rigging and texturing are also good to know, but are not required. project kursed is the star fox series' first foray into the world of first person shooters on the unreal 3 engine. the player assumes the role of krystal, who has left the lylat system to assume the identity of the bounty hunter kursed, in the wake of constant ridicule from cornerians. she is then hired by the thosan government to investigate strange occurrences on the planet kew, where the game takes place.

Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist at Onyxfire Games

concept artist onyxfire games anywhere artists project kursed is seeking a new concept artist for designing level areas and other such things. project kursed is star fox's first foray into the fps genre, where players assume the role of krystal, the cerinian orphan taken into team star fox after the saurian incident, after she is ostracized from the lylat system in the wake of the anglar directorate and works under bounty hunter name "kursed." we are seeking a concept artist who is decently qualified. prior work must be presented. art styles may be accepted, however this is at the discretion of the team.

Sep 2, 2009
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