NO CONTACT (Half-life2 Modifycation, for the Episode 2 Engine)
Dated - October 2009 (MAYBE)

The Creators of "Team Planet Earth", "Wanted" and "Unjustified Purpose" now presents, "No Contact".

// What is this mod about?
/ The mod is going to be both Singleplayer & Multiplayer, but first of all, Singleplayer. You are this guy, that lives in a city, where there only is a bright to the outside-world.
But in the middle of the night, at 04:32, a flight that was supposed to fly to Australia, crashes into the bridge, he wakes up, and see that there is fire, and then he decides to go, and check if its somethings important, but he was not the only one with that idear.
But he see, that there is a flight, that have crashed, and the most of the bridge, is destroyed. The people around him, starts to scream, because they cant get the food delivered, or anything!
What is going to happend, when they got NO CONTACT.

// What is going to happend?
/ You'r going to see the world, how it is, when you'r supposed to FIGHT for the food, you can find and collect weapons, food, and special props. You will see alot of groups, and the people that he was living with, friends with, is now enemys, only trust the group of people, that your in a house, to survival with.

// When you say groups, what do you then mean?
/ I mean like, the police, is not anymore protecting the people, they are going from house to house, stealing and killing people. Gangsters, is trying to get more members in, and will kill everyone, that is in their way. Normal people, is creating groups, to survival with each other. And alot of diffrent groups, that is trying to suvival, everything is crazy!

// What kind of features is there going to be?
/ We will have features like Food, thirst system, Cellphone, and backpack feature, random located NPCs, Food and Weapons. (mutliplayer), New HUD, that is going to be awesome, Cars, with fuel feature, and alot of other features.

// What weapons, will i be fighting with?
/ Ooo, im happy that your asking for that, there is a big selectiong of guns, like from normal SMGs to a big RPG, also normal Meele items, like shovel, bats, and also SMGs, rifles, yes, it will be a big mess, but we got one of the best modellers, coders, skinners, concept artists, and mappers, so it will be like a dream!

// When will Media get released?
/ Ones a week, we will update you with new media, every saturday, about what we have done so far, what we are working on, what we are done with, changes in the team, new website, everything.

// Is it true, that it alleredy will be released October?
/ Maybe, it depends on how fast the team works. If it keeps on like it is now, then Yes, and maybe a bit earlyer.

// Are you going to work on realism?
/ Yes, we will try to do it as 'realistik' as possible, like animations, skins, and the models, but, i dont know how realistik the storyline is, but on the ingame stuff, then yes, we are trying.

// Can i join the Team?
/ Maybe you can, let us know how nice your work is, by sending into our mail (Sorry, we dont got a website yet.) and showing me, what you have done, and why we are supposed to choose you.

// Is the profile going to be updated?
/ Yes, it was last updated 25 january, and it will be updated again soon, it may not look like alot right now, but thats because it got added 24 january 2009. (0 days ago)

Half-life2 Modifycation; No Contact - Episode two Engine
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No Contact

No Contact

First Person Shooter

NO CONTACT (Half-life2 Modification, for the Orange Box Engine) Dated - October 2009, if all goes to plan. The Creators of "Team Planet Earth", "Wanted...

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