Formed on 2007 by Neurological, at the beginning specialized only on music production, is a developing group for mods of any genres, specialized on Id Software engines (Id Tech 4).

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Anywhere [OLD] 2D/3D Artist at

2d/3d artist anywhere artists is recruiting a 2d/3d artist for our next project. e are working on a doom 3 modification that try to recreate the old feeling of the old doom 1/2. this isn't a remake of any old doom, but new original contents. we are in need of someone capable to model/rig and texture models (including normal maps). as for proof of contept screenshots of our current work, you can look here: requirements: - knowledge on creating 3d models on any 3d application of your choice - knowledge on rig simple models (such as weapons or first person hands) - knowledge on creating normal maps from hipoly models or hand made on any 2d application of your choice current needed work: - static items pickups - first person weapons and player hands the knowledge to import models into the doom 3 engine is not required. entering in the team you will be allowed to access our private forums here on moddb for download the latest builds of the mod, and post your work. all rights of your work will remain to you and you can reuse your assets on any other project you want without problems. note: this is not a payed position, any submission that will ask for money, will be ignored.

Nov 22, 2007
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