Neonlightscpu, The heart of innovating indie game design and development. Our game are always the best to our abilities we don't only do this for money, we also do it for fun! We would love to have more people on our team, if your up for the challenge send us an application!

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer (General) at neonlightscpu

programmer (general) neonlightscpu anywhere programmers i would like a programmer that is capable of flash action script 3. and can decompile swf files, port them to a os and recompile it. three os's need to be compiled into a standalone or launcher + program files. linux mac windows pay. special boxed version of game credits about page a place in our team please consider, ethan, neonlightscpu

Anywhere [OLD] 2D Pixel Artist at neonlightscpu

2d pixel artist neonlightscpu anywhere artists hello all, neonlightscpu is looking for a graphics artist for our game, the decay, yes i know this is non - profit but we are making this game for the benefit of, rigs,cameras,game engines etc. ------the way we pay you instead------ easy, credits the game (limited signature edition(all developers,in box)) a place in our team xd if i were you i would email me =) go on we need an artist urgently! thank you, ethan taylor

Feb 14, 2014
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