We are a multicultural team, who are looking to develop games that are different. Games are the future of story-telling and allows new ways to explore the human psyche and thus we are willing to go where other Game Companies/Studios are afraid to go. Nameless was formed, to bring you the next generation of games which are unique, breath taking, exhilarating and heart pounding. We want to bring you games which will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you thinking even after you stop.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Audio/Music

Posted by Hrstar on Jul 28th, 2013

Nameless is a multicultural team. We at Nameless believe that games are rhe future of story telling and they are a portal to diving even deeper into the human psyche. Currently we're developing our second project 'Revolution'. It is a Strategy game, It will be a small flash game revolving around historical events. Currently we require a Sound Artist. All ages eligible

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To apply email us at: namelessnamesaretoomainstream@gmail.com

Jun 7, 2013
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