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Custom Built

1. Custom Built

1 day ago Released Sep 1, 2007 with a commercial licence

The engine used to build this game was a once-off creation, designed explicitly to run this particular title. This is not a _real_ game engine, this is...

Visionaire Studio

2. Visionaire Studio

5 days ago Released Dec 31, 2009 with a commercial licence

The easiest way to create an adventure game! The only thing you need is some creativity and imagination, and after a bit of playing around with the program...

Irrlicht Engine

3. Irrlicht Engine

1 week ago Released Jun 23, 2009 with a public domain licence

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance realtime 3D engine written and usable in C++ and also available for .NET languages. It is completely...


4. Ren'py

1 week ago Released Sep 5, 2004 with a mit licence

Ren'Py is a free, 2D, and cross-platform engine that helps you make story-based games including visual novels and simulation games. It uses a scripting...

Antiryad Gx

5. Antiryad Gx

3 years ago Released Aug 1, 2004 with a commercial licence

Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform 3d game engine that stands out thanks to its vast platform support capability.


6. Unknown

3 weeks ago TBD with a commercial licence

The engine used to build this game is unknown. This is not a _real_ game engine, this is a generic placeholder.


7. melonJS

11 months ago Released Mar 8, 2011 with a mit licence

melonJS is the result of our enthusiasm and past experiments with Javascript, and came from the feeling that no simple, free and standalone library was...

Official Hamster Republic RPG Creation Engine

8. Official Hamster Republic RPG Creation Engine

6 months ago Released Jan 1, 1998 with a gpl licence

O.H.R.RPG.C.E., which stands for Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine, is a free open-source utility that you can use to create...

Slick 2D / Slick AE

9. Slick 2D / Slick AE

1 month ago Released Nov 7, 2006 with a l-gpl licence

Slick2D is a simple set of tools wrapped around the LWJGL OpenGL binding for Java.

Game Develop

10. Game Develop

6 months ago Released Aug 29, 2008 with a proprietary licence

Game Develop is a game development software allowing creation of any kind of 2D game without needing any knowledge in a specific language. Everything...


11. S_OGL

3 years ago TBD with a mit licence

Cross Platform Simple 3D Game Engine Based On OpenGL library using PhysX and Shader Model 2.0


12. Ethanon

7 months ago Released Feb 16, 2010 with a l-gpl licence

Ethanon Engine is a free 2D game development tool focused on the recent video cards for hardware acceleration and shader effects. It may be used to develop...


13. Orx

4 months ago Released Dec 31, 2010 with a zlib licence

Orx is an open source, portable, lightweight, plugin-based, data-driven and extremely easy to use 2D-oriented game engine. It has been created to allow...

Quel Solaar

14. Quel Solaar

3 years ago Released Sep 30, 2009 with a commercial licence

Quel Solaar is a real time 3D engine designed to take advantage of the Verse networking protocol. It is fully dynamic and requires no pre-processing of...



6 months ago Released Jul 31, 2009 with a gpl licence

This is a german mmorpg-maker based on the mirage engine


16. XtremeWorlds

8 months ago Released May 14, 2010 with a gpl licence

XtremeWorlds (XW) is a powerful, free 2D MMORPG Engine/Maker. With XW you can make your own MMORPG with no coding in just minutes. If you find that the...


17. AndEngine

1 month ago Released Jun 10, 2010 with a l-gpl licence

AndEngine is a free 2D OpenGL Game Engine for the Android platform.

Aztica 6DX

18. Aztica 6DX

4 years ago Released Jan 1, 2005 with a commercial licence

Aztica 6DX is a COM-based 3D Engine for windows using DirectX. It features outdoor / indoor rendering, collision detection, portal-based visibility system...


19. zGameEditor

2 years ago Released Feb 1, 2007 with a mit licence

zGameEditor: The rapid development solution with a tiny footprint. Create games that have a small distribution size using procedural content. The game...

Kurok SDK

20. Kurok SDK

1 year ago Released Aug 21, 2008 with a gpl licence

Based on a modified Quake engine port, Kurok is a first person shooter set in a modern setting with fictional aspects, like some environments, and the...


21. Pentah

3 years ago Released Nov 25, 2010 with a gpl licence

A web-browser fantasy RPG engine written in PHP and using a MySQL database. Also uses Smarty & ADOdb extensions.

Mandate Engine

22. Mandate Engine

1 year ago TBD with a gpl licence

The Mandate Engine is intended for use in exploratory strategy games that work in single player. Multi-player is not supported. It provides features from...

Kokusai Fighting Engine

23. Kokusai Fighting Engine

3 years ago TBD with a proprietary licence

A 2D fighting game engine, like to Mugen and Shugendo, written in XNA using the FlatRedBall engine.


24. Apocalyx

4 years ago Released Jul 1, 2005 with a commercial licence

The engine is based on OpenGL. Version 1.5 is better to access some advanced features, but 1.1 should be supported as well. The renderer uses some common...


25. EES

1 year ago Released May 29, 2012 with a creative commons licence

EES - Eclipse Event System. Eclipse Event System is a game engine written in the VB6 language. It is one of many variations of the Eclipse and Mirage...


26. Novelty

11 months ago Released Feb 8, 2009 with a gpl licence

A program that allows users to create visual novel games.

Sep 2, 2007
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Popular Engines
Custom Built
Custom Built Commercial Released Sep 1, 2007
Visionaire Studio
Visionaire Studio Commercial Released Dec 31, 2009
Irrlicht Engine
Irrlicht Engine Public Domain Released Jun 23, 2009
Ren'py MIT Released Sep 5, 2004
Antiryad Gx
Antiryad Gx Commercial Released Aug 1, 2004
Unknown Commercial TBD
melonJS MIT Released Mar 8, 2011
Slick 2D / Slick AE
Slick 2D / Slick AE L-GPL Released Nov 7, 2006
Game Develop
Game Develop Proprietary Released Aug 29, 2008
Ethanon L-GPL Released Feb 16, 2010
Orx Zlib Released Dec 31, 2010
Quel Solaar
Quel Solaar Commercial Released Sep 30, 2009
SEBBELS MMORPG-Bastler GPL Released Jul 31, 2009