Well, this group was created as group for polish modders, but as W.A.R. Project grows, I will post most things here in english. Here you can see current plan for W.A.R. Project, and all WIP things.

WIP status:

  • LWP - Ludowe Wojsko Polskie - skins, stuff porting, coding - Windmaker
  • multiplayer maps - asureka, schachmatt
  • PSZ - Polskie Siły Zbrojne na Zachodzie 1940-1945 - Windmaker

Things to do:

  • US Army skins
  • German skins
  • Panzergrnadiers skins
  • porting/adding German stuff to game
  • porting/adding USA stuff to game
  • porting/adding British stuff
  • multiplayer maps
  • infantry skins - all nations/armies
  • models (listed later) - additional one
  • textures - all in game textures

Models that can be useful - except one which are available from community right now. If it's possible to create them, it's great, but without them mod will be realised. Those are just names, the exact detailed information on what exactly is this I will give to modeller. red - very importantgreen - interesting but additionalblack - just an idea

  • Matilda Mk I
  • A30 Challenger
  • M3 Grant
  • British Army trucks
  • German Army trucks
  • SiG 33 - new model
  • 5,5 inch british howitzer
  • 90 mm US AA gun
  • BT-5
  • BT-7 - new model
  • Centurion Mk I
  • T-44
  • T-35
  • T-28
  • human models
  • Garand grenade rifle
  • Rogatywka - polish army hat
  • 76,2 mm soviet field gun
  • ZiS-5 fuel truck

Things listed here, without nicknames are free to work on - just inform me. I will change this list while work will go forward. Some parts I will explain you exactly what should be done exactly. The point is that before I finish Ludowe Wojsko Polskie it's difficult to explain the idea how armies should look like.
Any questions? :)

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