MM Games is a small group founded in late 2011. We had made games surrounding our main character Veltron and we are now making a game titled Detective Scarlet.

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Anywhere [OLD] Game Testers at MM Games

game testers mm games anywhere qa/testers we are looking for testers to test out the first chapter, and possibly more for our action/adventure video game "detective scarlet". detective scarlet is about a young, recent graduate and aspiring detective coming home to find her home on fire and her parents dead. but eventually she finds out that they might be alive. basically we are looking for someone who can find game breaking bugs in the game as well as misspelled words as there is a lot of dialog in the game. fluent english is a must. we also need someone to devote enough time to play most of the game (at least 2 hours of it) within a one week period. because of this and the increased want for testing games these days, a small game sample will be sent out prior to testing to see the skill level of the tester. some previous experience testing video games is preferred (having so skips the trial). this is not a paid position however you will be offered a free copy of the standard edition of the game when it releases if fully tested the game. also skype is a must for communication and game patches. more information about the game can be found here

May 9, 2012
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