MJK Studios produces technocentric entertainment, primarily video games, that can be deployed across a spectrum of media and platforms.

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at MJK Studios

programmer mjk studios anywhere programmers mjk studios is entering yoshimi vs. face punching robots into the tigsource.com competition. the competition will run from now until january 1st. this *might* subsequently become a commercial product, volunteer now to get in on the ground floor! we need additional coders to help me help yoshimi defeat the face punching robots! plz pm me if interested! coders will be working primarily in java and with the unity engine. here is a little about the project. more will be revealed to those interested in joining and willing to sign an nda. mjk studios also currently offers college credit internships. yoshimi vs. face punching robots! synopsis; http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=22772.0 art, characters; art, a map; objective; in this map you must defend the familiar mart (now a critical resource of the mid-apocalypse) from an onslaught of robot saboteurs! the circa 80's robots are good at spotting patterns but bad at coping with creativity. make sure you don't use the same attack twice in a row if you want to ramp up your combos and roll-back the robot rampage! the few posts i've made have already been well received. "i like this already." - j.r. hill "i love that so much." - peanutbuttershoes "the animation, it is so smooth.... :addicted:" - rcix "mikejkelley looks really sharp! haven't seen a lot of isometric stuff around lately, glad you're fixing that!" - eldboll "nice :epileptic: is this for the 2012 compo?" - gr@ndpa it is now, and i like our chances of winning! if you think such a win would look good on your resume, come join us!

Anywhere [OLD] Unity Programmer at MJK Studios

unity programmer mjk studios anywhere programmers hi, i've recently been given the opportunity to incorporate the game development company mjk studios. the studio is unique because it has the full backing of state university of ny at fredonia and its associated technology business incubator. being accepted into the technology incubator program means that we're being fast-tracked for rapid growth. being accepted into a university affiliated technology incubator also shifts the odds of success for a start-up from 20% to 80%! while still in development, mjk studio's products have amassed a dedicated following, won the praise of critics and crowds, as well as several international awards and prizes. as a start-up, we are looking to quickly develop a reliable and readily available revenue stream. in the next few months we'll be rolling out some semi-casual arcade-styled shooters with unique and addictive gameplay elements. we'll be developing using the unity engine and deploying to ios, android, pc, and xbla. we're looking to hire coders in a freelance profit-sharing arrangement tailor made according to your experience and skill set. requirements * very proficient with c# * has experience programming in a performance critical environment * capable of writing clean, organized, and optimized code * excited to learn new skills wish list * proficient with mono * experience with xna * experience with tcp and udp socket programming * experience with high level (gameplay) multiplayer networking * experience with 3d character animation systems using bones and skinned meshes * experience and passion for creating user interfaces, and/or user interface libraries * experience with c++ * experience with objective-c and cocoa for the iphone * experience with android/ios application development * experience with application and ui development for windows if you're interested in joining our team, please pm me with links to your cv or portfolio. if we like what we see, we'll send you an nda and then reveal to you our plans for world domination! update from last week: first position is filled, one more programming position available!

May 1, 2011
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