Independent software developer behind upcoming game "Pirates".

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Anywhere (need Skype though) [OLD] 3D Artist at Miriscus

3d artist miriscus anywhere (need skype though) artists the project is an fps/tps multiplayer combat game themed in 18th century piracy; it features melee combat (w/ a parry system), ranged combat, explosives, poisons/misc, ship combat, and more. our indiedb page here: we are looking for someone who is able to do all of the following: modelling, smoothing, unwrapping, and basic texturing such as diffuse, bump/normal, spec. we require an artist that can finish an item to completion and not pass it off to someone else. most of the objects will be props, items (weapons), or structures. you can use any program to do the 3d modelling and the texturing. there are 3 artists currently, and we just want an additional artist to divide the workload up so the pressure is less. :) your location on the planet is irrelevant, you need only have skype so myself and the team may easily communicate with you. the position will be fully paid upon sale of the game. pay prior to the sale will also occur from fund-raising/donations as an incentive.

Anywhere [OLD] Programmer - C# - Unity at Miriscus

programmer - c# - unity miriscus anywhere programmers a c# programmer is needed for our indie game 'pirates'. we are using the latest version unity engine. the type of coding is game mechanics and networking. producing a playable beta finished for the public. you will be joining an existing team. we have one coder already at present, and several artists.

Dec 3, 2007
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