I founded this Group, for an Upcoming Mod for Command and Conquer Zero Hour. We hireing anyone who can help!

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Anywhere [OLD] Texturer at Miracle Modding Group

texturer miracle modding group anywhere artists i need some kind person who can texture 3d models. it is for a mod for c&c generals zero hour. you can watch some models that have to be textured at the mod page. you find the mod in the group or at the zero hour mods section. you aren't forced to give me the needed texture exactly at a date. because modding is fun. so everyone is welcome even beginners :)

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Modeler at Miracle Modding Group

3d modeler miracle modding group anywhere artists i am looking for an 3d modeler for my mod. actually it has no mod page but i work on it. the engine is the sage engine and the mod is for command and conquer generals zero hour. if you want to help me, please contact me. than i will give you more informations about the mod. if you apply, i won't foce you for an exact date to give me your models. its simple: mods are for fun, thats why. :)

Mar 12, 2013
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