Mercenary Game Studios is an underground gathering of disgruntled geeks, cyberpunk samurai, game industry outcasts, dungeon masters and dreamers. We have infiltrated various parts of the Allegedly United States of America, including, but not limited to; The Republic of California, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, as well as the mysterious lands of Shelton, Washington. We also have sleeper agents implanted across the MultiVerse, they will soon be "toggled", once we get enough fuel. We believe in independent technology, and building games from the ground up. We do not "clone" games, we mutate and splice game mechanics, to evolve, to prototype, and to play. We forge our ideas everyday, with each other, and hopefully, with you. Survival is our goal, Victory is our dream.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2012

Mercenary Games is proud to announce recruiting call.

Refer to this link for the kind of work we are looking for :

We are looking for an Audio Programmer who can demonstrate the following talents;

1. Able to generate voices, as demonstrated on the link.
2. Able to work with Audacity + Nyquist + LiSP, or some other programmable audio plugin module.
3. Solid portfolio of work involving OpenAL.
4. Respects deadlines.
5. Able to work offsite, with another musician who is also offsite.
6. Respects deadlines.

As a note, the voice featured in the link was generated first from audio in google translate, and then processed with our prototype audio pipeline.

We seek someone willing to work on the audio module for our game engine.

Apr 6, 2012
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