Massoft Games is a one man games development company that uses Unıty Engine and Game Maker 8.0 (originally created by Mark Overmars and now by Yoyo Games) to create quality games for downloading or for browser playing.

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity Programmer,Concept Artist,3d Modeller. at Massoft Games

unity programmer,concept artist,3d modeller. massoft games anywhere programmers hi we want to eager game programmer and artist for our tds project. for programmers; being a game coder at massoft is like being a little god:you're responsible for laying the foundation for an entire game world. requirements; do you have divine aspirations? we want to hear from you if: -you have a fiery passion for programming in general -you are interested in game mechanics -you enjoy working in agile, multi-disciplinary teams -you're fluent in c# or javascript with unity engine for concept artists; as a concept artist you'll be working with a veritable family of artists to bring our game levels or models to the highest quality, under guidance by our game director. requirements; -you’re passionate about – and have good knowledge of – character design, art and culture. -you’re comfortable working within a multidisciplinary team. -you’re comfortable working within a predefined style. for 3d modeller; your artistic and technical experience will also allow you to solve problems, act as a mentor and be a source of inspiration for the people around you. requirements; -you're an expert at modeling in any relevant 3d package (maya and blender preferred) -you have an excellent eye for detail -you’re an expert at uv texturing about project; this project is a going to be tds based scifi game. project details not yet finalized. our last games; to apply; send an email with a sample of your work to or add on skype ozgun.yildiz62

Nov 6, 2012
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