Welcome to Macro Labs! Here at Macro Labs Indie Dev, we strive to make the best games, mods, maps for the community to enjoy! We are currently hiring, so visit our site to apply! I will constantly post updates about the group and our games, as well as any W.I.P mods, maps, and projects, as well as released mods, maps, and games! ---------------------------------------------- Update 1: I have came up with an idea for a game, and I need any and all programmers and modelers for player characters, zombies, guns, so on and so forth. Please visit macrolabs.juplo.com to apply for any of these positions!

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Anywhere [OLD] (Royalties Paid) 2D Sprite Maker at Macro Labs

(royalties paid) 2d sprite maker macro labs anywhere artists here at macro labs we always have a project in development, mostly 2d platformer-esque games, and no one here is a great pixel artist. we need someone who can just make a few sprites every once in a while for our side projects. royalties can be paid should we decide to publish the game. we would greatly appreciate having a sprite artist so we don't have to spend hours searching for some good sprites.

Feb 10, 2013
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