Loiste is an international game developer group, currently working on INFRA. We focus on quality, not quantity, and want to make sure that it shows in our mods.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Moddb.com on Mar 25th, 2012

We at FM Studios are looking for an experienced programmer for INFRA, a work in progress Source Engine (Alien Swarm branch) total conversion gun free puzzle mod. We are a team of 13, including roles like composer, but we are missing one person - a programmer. As INFRA is a total conversion including puzzle solving and other unique gameplay elements in comparison to your generic shooter, a programmer is a vital member of the modding team.

You don't need to be the best programmer out there but you need to have a basic knowledge of programming for Source Engine and also knowledge of working with shaders etc.

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Send me, |Yucca| a personal message if you're interested!

Mar 13, 2010
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