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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Developer/programmer needed for mobile game at LMB Games

developer/programmer needed for mobile game lmb games anywhere programmers lmb games is looking for a developer/programmer that can help with development of an upcoming mobile game named berry breakout. the game features a golf type mechanic that the player must use to fire the berry to the exit, which is stopped by many enemies, traps and various courses in order to succeed. the game is currently in development for android devices, however future releases will be made for iphone and windows 8. the game is currently mid way through alpha development. the basic mechanics are complete. however better knowledge is now needed in order to continue. depending on the time put in to the project and work completed, a percentage will be paid from revenue made on sales of the game. applicants will be given further info and a small challenge to test skills if no previous work can be shown. we encourage students or new developers too. thankyou luke brady /

Anywhere [OLD] Looking for Members (programmer, 3D Artist, 2D Artist) at LMB Games

looking for members (programmer, 3d artist, 2d artist) lmb games anywhere programmers hello all. we are looking for members who are good in the following areas: programmer, 3d artist, 2d artist. we are aiming to create a small yet fun mini-golf game with a cartoon style twist that will be released on android phones and tablets as well as the i-store at a later date. the game will feature 20+ fun filled levels that require strategy in order to gain the top awards for that level. possible features could include a custom map maker and leaderboards ect. we are a small company that is currently on leave from university where we study games design. all applicants should know we attempt to stick to a professional pipeline which include deadlines. however do not be put off by this, we are indie developers and intend to make projects like this fun for us too. serious applicants please as this is a project we would like to finish and not give up half way through. the game will be created in unity and profits will be split between team members. thankyou luke brady as well as the messaging feature on this site, applicants can also apply via email

Anywhere [OLD] Needed Programmer/2D artist at LMB Games

needed programmer/2d artist lmb games anywhere programmers looking for 1 programmer and 1 2d artist to help out with a game ive been creating. the base mechanics are down and now some extra help is needed to get the game out before the end of the year. work is happening fast as is so need someone who is online often. to find out more about our game here>

Anywhere [OLD] Various skills needed for new mobile game at LMB Games

various skills needed for new mobile game lmb games anywhere programmers hello everyone. work has begun on a new project which we are aiming to release (or at least have a working demo/beta stage) by the end of the year) the basic gameplay is down and now is the time to add small features and work on the art style. the game is a 2.5d puzzle game where the players goal is to drag and flick berries through mini-golf type levels. level designs and themes have all been planned and tested, and many of the basic levels are now complete. we are looking for 1 x programmer 1 x 2d artist 1 x 3d artist at this time this position is unpaid, however once the game is release a percentage will be given from earnings. the game uses a cartoon like theme. more of which will be explained when applying for the roles listed. hope to hear from you soon

Anywhere [OLD] wanted: unity programmer for small game at LMB Games

wanted: unity programmer for small game lmb games anywhere programmers lmb games is looking for a programmer in c# or javascript to work on a small game which will be released on android and ios at a later date. you must be able to have knowledge on touch controls ect. for the use on android devices. contact will be through email and skype. the game is focusing a golf mechanic featuring friendly characters to raise appeal. depending on work completed, this position will be paid which will be discussed once a price plan is set. thankyou lmb

Jul 10, 2013
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