What is Lionwood Studios? We are a small and independent firm. Our sole purpose is to gratify the desire for making good games in the old-school tradition.

Our goal is to give a certain percent of gamers (including ourselves) games that we just did not have enough in the past. It's a shame to watch once serious and hardcore brands become more and more 'casualized'. It is a pity to witness significant quality drop in the products done by large monopoly companies. It was a pain to watch these monopolies consume and mangle smaller companies that had had their own style, personality, their own talents and stars. After these acquisitions were made, all the distinguishable qualities of those firms were grinded, chewed up and digested for the sake of Big Buck.

There is no need to name out loud these particular companies. We all know them and we remeber their names. We remember and love their games.

We believe that the rush for money and technology has obscured the very essence of games. That very essence which, to our opinion, has much more purpose than approaches at making game worlds more real-life, more photorealistic and more tangible. Games besides all are a message to the player. They are a book which should be read, they are the feelings, they are love.

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Drake: The Golden Hind Story

Drake: The Golden Hind Story


While a big projects move slowly like the sleeping elephant we want to wake us... at this time all of the net world full of old school and pixels games...

Project Serenity: Finder

Project Serenity: Finder

Role Playing

The game takes place in the state of Idaho, Boise. All that we have here - consequences of Carribean crisis 1962-th. Player is descendant of refugees...

Rusty War

Rusty War

Real Time Strategy

100% old school strategy game. Synopsis in one line - Old, good and tested in many combats candy, in new and colorful wrapping.

Crystal Runner

Crystal Runner


Mix of old classic games such as Pacman, Pipeman and Bomberman.


Привет старым знакомым. Поздравляю с новым интересным проектом.

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Weila Creator

Привет-привет! :) Спасибо на добром слове. Постараемся не разочаровать. Все что можно на этот проект бросили.

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Our next update dedicated #drakethegame At this news-block you can know all about royal fleet and woman-pilots Indiedb.com

Dec 24 2012

News-block on #indieDB What you know about #DrakeTheGame ? Indiedb.com - new art, sketches, articles and etc. Stay Tune!

Dec 21 2012

We think that #FlashBack oriented controller be much better for Drake. In January we want to made mix current controller with FB controller.

Dec 16 2012

We finish first phase of work. At present moment Drake have basical arcade controller like #zeliard but we want make more for #drakethegame

Dec 16 2012

By December 20 we planned little update of #indieDB - art, sketches and animation. And of course info about game and Drake controller.

Dec 16 2012

However - Drake it's a Drake. We can not be responsible for his actions. Let him do what he wants. We're going run website in late January.

Dec 13 2012

We heard rumors that Drake refuses to wait for us and begins build a website of the game right now Drakethegame.com Irrepressible guy

Dec 13 2012

...At this time when fate of this world is not defined would be good for us - just do our work. Stay tune! See You later.

Dec 12 2012

In late January, if the world does not fall we planned start the site of #drakethegame, but...

Dec 12 2012

If you want to know about Drake: The Golden Hind Story more ( from this day just a #drakethegame ) - just contact me - @Rick_Lionwood

Dec 12 2012

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