Making this page will be my first step towards building a legit company. For those who are serious about developing and playing games, want to make a profit off it, work with talented people and get some recognition in the industry. We are focusing on developing small projects. Our short term goal is to create our first title. If you are interested and think you can contribute, contact me!

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Anywhere [OLD] CryEngine C++ Coder at Lightbulb Games

cryengine c++ coder lightbulb games anywhere programmers under sieged urgently needs a coder. due to events my current one had to drop out. ive been absurdly dedicated to this project and have put alot of work and effort into this and will continue to do so, but i need a coder to get it off the ground, please. dont let this opportunity pass you by. you should be experienced in coding c++ be dedicated regards cgo please.

Jul 4, 2011
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