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Vengful_Soldier Jul 7 2009 says:

Hmmmm I was just thinking it would be an easy mod thing but if you someone could mod L4D to change the music so when hordes attack its like the song Spanish Flea by Herb Albert or some sort of hilarious elevator music XD

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Dec1234 Jul 8 2009 replied:

Just replace the file yourself...

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DizoAZ Jun 26 2009 says:

Everyone wants something for free. I agree with all the comments regarding the support of L4D 2 and Valve. How many games has Valve brought you that were great? Do you want them to continue to bring good games that are bug free??? For everyone who has tried America's Army 3, did you notice how many bugs there were? Tons of people are complaining about it and that the Army didn't do enough to fix the game before its official release. Everyone who's complaining about having to pay 49.99 or even possibly 39.99 on release date, (which typically happens the first week) are not thinking clearly. I'd gladly pay 40-50 bucks for a game I know I'll get hours of fun from. Do you see me complaining about going to a nice restaurant or even a bar where I will clearly be spending over 50 dollars for a couple hours of entertainment. Everyone get your heads screwed on correctly before blabbering about how this should be FREE DLC. Valve has already released downloadable content for L4D 1, do you think there just going to sit there and work for free? Support the developers, get a job, and pay for a game you'll clearly play for hundreds of hours. Why do you expect Valve to release more DLC, they've already made it very easy for 3rd party developers to create DLC for free.

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Teddyslayer Jun 25 2009 says:

Wow the boycott group is the dumbest thing on the planet right now.

These are all reactionary opinions that are derived from only pointless assumptions and speculation. They're what people know from 1 trailer.

Just why can't you idiots wait until you know more about the game than ONE F*CKING TRAILER before you babble with your rtard speak.

"Valve put little faith in L4D1 since they almost certainly started working on L4D2 right after release"

Here's one of the dumbest quotes. Game companies always start working on something after release. What? Programmers, artists, directors just sit there and get no pay? At first valve definitely was working on DLC, but then they figure they had many ideas to make the game better THAT WOULD COST THEM TOO MUCH MONEY TO RELEASE THEM FREE, so they're going to charge. It makes perfect sense. The hundreds of employees working at valve don't just churn out content after content for free at your leisure you self centered sh*ts

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Riskii Jun 26 2009 replied:

you realize you could have gone at it calmly. you know people who take the time to write this stuff isn't going to go capslock on your *** unless you start "yelling."

But the fact is L4D1 never got the new campaigns and such VALVe promised.
and it's their opinion if anyone wants to be in this boycott. it's a tough decision for me... I know I'd buy it but I hope if you have the original it just starts up as if it was your original copy of L4D but anyone who only has a copy of l4d2 will still get that base content and have the same loading screen and such so it isn't completely standalone.
so they can switch from a l4d1 campaign to a l4d2 one. within one rtv in the game, not switching games sort of saving the already existing community a bit. and also we won't have to abandon our favorite characters for the ability to pick up a game in a minute.

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Pvt.Midnight Jun 19 2009 says:

um can some1 pm to get the left 4 dead beta plz

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DedMustDie Jun 21 2009 replied:

Just play original L4D.. it's same, just older player models and darker.
IMO L4D2 - money making project, like Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor addon (3rd part of this Relic game is totaly useless, unless you wanna beat your enemies with cheatcar - t17).

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Pvt.Midnight Jun 19 2009 says:

i want the beta some pm me plz i want that beta

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afumatu May 26 2009 buried:


Join the community at steamcommunity31.tk to play on or join our 24/7 zombie servers

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Aguila. Jun 13 2009 replied:

the post on the top on me, don't go there

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saivert May 20 2009 says:

left 4 dead mod tools is out.. beta!

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