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jay79 Dec 13 2009 says:

I love this game so much but find it harder and harder to find the right ppl to play with..Everyone who I've played with but a selected few like to run in front of gun fire and shoot the crap outta yah. Not that it really matters or anything but please send some gamer tags and lets play some left 4 dead..

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Rojzik Oct 14 2009 says:

Hi, First of all thanks for putting this together. After installing all the versus maps I started having problems with the background sound on Crash Course. It seems that one of the addons here is being played in Crash Course and it's obnoxious because it drowns everything else out (along with being out of place). It didn't happen every time I played Crash Course, but often enough to make me reinstall the whole game (overkill I'm sure). Any idea what the problem is for future users of these mod packs?

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cahemdue Sep 16 2009 says:

That video with the buildings is nice. If you have concept art I'd be willing to make more buildings or props for you guys. Check out my thread in the forums, I post my finished and WIP models in there, search for cahemdue.


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KupaFM Aug 31 2009 says:

cool maps

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Solshadow Aug 13 2009 says:

Quick question. Anyone here good at making 3d models and not busy?

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jonathan-d Oct 3 2009 replied:


Propper is an edited version of vbsp that outputs a model instead of a bsp.

Many mappers need to make props for their maps, but don't want to learn a seperate modeling program. This tool allows them to make models in Hammer in a one-step process. It's also useful to modelers who work with mappers. No other method of .vmf export keeps texture mapping intact, or auto-generates a physics mesh.

Not exactly what you wanted, but it's a partial solution.

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D4rkH3r0 Aug 9 2009 says:


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Projectionist Aug 7 2009 says:

This looks good guys,put me on the list

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awdrgy123 Jul 21 2009 says:

1 acronym: SDK
why make stuff and sell it that normal ppl can probably do a better job at for free?

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dafatcat Aug 6 2009 replied:

Well, Valve has put a lot of work into making it and they should release it. Why it isn't free DLC for l4d1 is the real issue.

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riffwrath Jan 19 2010 replied:

In my honest opinion, you're probably the worst kind of moron. Firstly consider that their are 5 new campaigns... 5 full new, 5-map campaigns. A new mode, tonnes of new Survivor content. The AI director has some new functions, and the maps are a bit bigger than your maps in L4D given that they have alternate routes, granted these aren't that big of a deal. There are a massive amount of new guns and weapons, which means ignoring the new Survivors and the new Special Infected, you still have to add a lot of new models and effects and test those, thats a lot of data and a lot of dev time. Just to throw things into perspective, my L4D2 folder takes up just over 7GBs of HDD space. Have fun downloading that.

Game devs have released sequels for a lot less with no complaint in the past.

Oh and I do see that, dafatcat, you posted your comment before the game even came out.

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NikolaiChekhov Apr 3 2010 replied:

That comment was made in August of LAST YEAR

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Nokiaman Jul 25 2009 replied:

I agree.

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