Kooballyflootzet Games is an American video game company founded by some random kid named Harley(modnerd87) in 2013 with hopes of one day programming video games.Yes our games might be a bit under late 80s quality but they are never rushed and we try to deliver the best controls we can.The graphics may not be good but it's the gameplay that counts.

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Kamakazi Kooballyflootzet Prototype
Inside Voices(This name is subject to change)

Kamakazi Kooballyflootzet Prototype

May 29, 2014 Inside Voices(This name is subject to change) Demo (18.45mb) 3 comments

Kamakazi Kooballyflootzet is a game where all you do is get to the center of a building and blow it up.The finished product will be much longer and might...

Kamakazi Kooballyflootzet 3D rendering test

Kamakazi Kooballyflootzet 3D rendering test

Apr 10, 2014 Demo (2.44mb) 0 comments

It's a 3D rendering test,what else could it be? W to move forward S to move back A to look left D to look right

Christmas 2013 Edition
Klobalabel's Adventure

Christmas 2013 Edition

Dec 25, 2013 Klobalabel's Adventure Full Version (68.72mb) 0 comments

I just threw this together at the last second so,it is VERY buggy.

Klobalabel's Adventure 2.0
Klobalabel's Adventure

Klobalabel's Adventure 2.0

Sep 18, 2013 Klobalabel's Adventure Patch (4.12mb) 0 comments

It is finally out and Klobalabel's sprite in this game is going to be in the new one and guess what:he blinks. :D

Klobalabel's Adventure
Klobalabel's Adventure

Klobalabel's Adventure

Apr 25, 2013 Klobalabel's Adventure Full Version (59.01mb) 1 comment

IT IS FINALY UP! The image titled "Bit" is a beta version of Klobalabel. Q&A TIME!: Q:THE WORD BOXES WON'T GO AWAY!WHAT DO I DO?! A:Log off of your...

Feb 7, 2013
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