Khromathyon Software is a indie game development studio located in the El Salvador, San Salvador, orignally with 2 members, just a high school students from an technical institute: Christopher Sosa and Steven Córdova. instead of using many popular free but restricted game engines as UDK, CryEngine 3 SDK, and Unity3D, we decided to create their own game engine: the Dragora Framework (Because game engines names finishing with the word "engine" are so mainstream1 ) using as our low-level 3D Rendering Engine: OGRE3D with some our improvements, with more little specialization for Linux. our own toolchain and much more aiming to create an AAA-decent game engine, for a special game: The Openheaven Project. Spanish draft of the first chapters are available for the public as PDF soon.

We aiming also, to create great games, just didn't spend much money in propietary middleware, ultra-level and super-expensive and ultra-difficult development IDE's and toolchains. our engine uses mostly open-source middleware and IDE's we are using are: Geany (Geany is bundled in the Dragora Framework toolchain), Code::Blocks IDE, Anjuta, etc. but we are using some propietary tools as Autodesk for modelling and animation.

Why are taking a lot to create a game?, your game is vaporware, dude.
The reason, we are Technical Speciality Students, we need to do our homework and studing. in holy-week (common in latin-american countries) we have more free time to work in this. and create an professional game engine with two coders take a lot of time.

1We are not hipsters. ;)

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Dragora Framework

Dragora Framework

Proprietary licence

Khromathyon Dragora Framework, is a game engine aimed for great graphics, professional, easy to use. Created as cause of frustrations by the Unity3D Engine...

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