Jumpbutton Studio, founded in 2012, is an indie group equipped with a 'can do' attitude. Previously known as Indie Opportunity, a group with the ideology that an indie group, no matter how unadvanced, should have the opportunity and capability to develop world-class entertainment. With a leap of faith, a newly motivated team, and geared with people dedicated to developing outstanding games, Jumpbutton studio was born. From humble beginnings developing small retro games, to expanding our boundries and developing games for platforms such as Playstation Vita, Mobile Droid, Sony phone and downloadable desktop games. Jumpbutton Studio strives to become the premiere destination for both competitive and casual gamers. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and developing innovative and exciting games on a broad range of platforms.

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Anywhere [OLD] Several Open Positions at JumpButton Studio at Jumpbutton Studio

several open positions at jumpbutton studio jumpbutton studio anywhere artists jumpbutton studio is now hiring for several positions for 2 games in progress. we are currently in need of: pixel artist (must be proficient in several styles, and know how to animate) vector artist web designer graphical artist please submit a portfolio to jobs@jumpbuttonstudio.com we are a small team of like minded gamers and developers looking to stand out in the indie crowd. we currently have two games in development, and are looking to release within the next couple months, but we need you to make that happen! *please keep in mind it is currently a voluntary team.

Anywhere [OLD] All at Jumpbutton Studio

all jumpbutton studio anywhere web/other all applications but pixel & illustrations/environmental/character artist are now closed. thank you to all those who applied as we received truly talented applicants. we will now work towards organizing those who we've selected to join our indie family. hello we are slowly coming back from the shadows, but are in need of a few more dedicated and serious developers to aid us and join our small family. a while back when we went by the title indie opportunity and were working on the psithyroi project, we realized that working on such a huge mmorpg as the one we had planned was far too much for a first project, especially when we had no funds to put towards its completion. we came upon the decision to start small and slowly build our way up, which lead to both good and bad outcomes. we have been through quite a lot and are prepared to take on the bigger challenges that await us in our journey to becoming a good indie gaming company. we are posting here on indiedb and will be recruiting from a few other communities in hopes that we can find more talented developers wanting to be a part of something worthwhile. each of us develops voluntarily from our passion for gaming and the vision we have in becoming a successful team. departments we will be splitting our team in different departments depending on the amount of applications we accept and the amount of talent each staff member has. currently there are four active developers, not including the two new additions we will be adding. due to the team still being very small, departments were not necessary. i hope this will change soon as it would allow development to go a lot smoother. each department will have an assigned leader that we will entrust to keep his/her team on task and active during group conversations. all applications should be sent to jobs@jumpbuttonstudio.com with an attached file showcasing their work. there is no format, we ask that you either send a resume or link to your portfolio along with some information about yourself. web department this department will consist of web designers and programmers. currently there are only two members in this department who are still in the joining process. we are looking for any web designers and programmers with great knowledge of php, html (5), css, and any other web related language. you will be required to help maintain all websites, forums, blogs, and must be able to add in new features as they are needed. it would be a plus if you’re familiar with many of the social network aps. current members: aaron- official confirmation required. aeroplane- official confirmation required. available available software department this department will consist of a variety of different talents ranging from icon designers to c++ programmers. the team will need tools to help them develop and we will be depending on those in the software department to accomplish the task of creating the required tools for development. this department will work along with other departments to insure tools are getting developed correctly. it does not really matter what language you know as long as you have what it takes to develop the requested tools. current members jeffery sventora - official confirmation required. available available mobile department this department will be in charge of developing all mobile games and applications. it is required that you have a strong knowledge in java, oop, objective-c, c++, or any other languages that can be ported over to mobile platforms. you will be working alongside one of our lead programmers sk8 (ace). current members ace available available pc department this department will be in charge of developing all pc games and applications ranging from flash games to co-op based games. it is required that you have a strong knowledge in flash, html5, java, silverlight, c# and c++.if there is a language you understand very well but is not on this list, please still feel free to send in your application. you will be working alongside another of our lead programmers mb in this department. mb available available sound department all of our game related developments will require sound effects and this department will be in charge of getting this done. the only requirement is that you know how to create amazing sound effects that isn’t downloaded from the internet. current members calum available available music department just as all our games will require sound effects, they will also need rich music to better our game environments. the only requirement is that you know how to compose all sorts of music and can be creative. you will be working alongside our lead composer clark (togekite) in completing requested compositions. current members clark available available art department these guys are the ones in charge of taking a concept from paper and bringing it to life. everyone in this department will range from illustrators to pixel artist. you can apply for the following art positions; environmental artist – you will be expected to design game environments ranging from backgrounds to drawn tiles and objects. a chibi/anime like style is heavily recommended but also required that you have more than one drawing style. animator - you will be expected to have the ability to animate pixels and other game assets. character artist -you will be expected to design and create character drawings for web templates, game characters, staff avatar, and any other art related tasks. it is required that you have more than one drawing style. concept artist - you will be expected to sketch out new environments and designs to be previewed by the entire team for game projects. it is required that you can take criticism and make changes as seen fit. pixel artist – you will be expected to create 2d, 2.5d, and sometimes 3d characters, objects, and asset pixels for game projects. you must have a variety of different styles and if possible a good knowledge on animating what you pixel. current members kevin – lead pixel artist vixxie – pixel artist rayzerno – icon concept artist fadwa – environmental artist sakurakur – contributor/previous full time developer kachima – character artist (away) manda - icon artist (away) available - any position in art department available - any position in art department available - any position in art department available - any position in art department game design department this is the last of our departments. this department will consist of writers, designers and planners. everyone in this department will be in charge of planning, designing a game concept, developing game mechanism, and developing stories that will add more to a game. it is required that you have good vocabulary and grammar. everyone on the team takes part in this department, but below are the main designers. current members mb vixxie kevin available available available above are the listed departments and everywhere you see “available” indicates there is still an opened position. we only ask those who are serious and willing to develop voluntarily until we reach a point where we can compensate all staff members. current projects banana paradise – currently in development (indiedb page still requires more information/work though you will find three progression screenshots available. tbd – after the release of banana paradise tbd – after the release of banana paradise anyone with questions towards what became of psithyroi online or what plans we have for it, rest assured that project is not dead nor is it in development at the current moment. we have a different plan for psithyroi as it will be our only major mmorpg we develop. we won’t be talking about psithyroi anytime soon though. we hope to get a few good applications before the month is over. if you should have any question please feel free to ask in this thread unless you would like to keep it private then we can be reached at support@jumpbuttonstudio.com or you may send me a private message. *keep in mind that we will only be accepting around 5-10 new developers if we are to receive a lot of applications. skype is a requirement for communication.

Dec 5, 2012
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