The team responsible for the developement of the Jedi Academy Multiplayer modication known as 'Jedi Knight Galaxies' which is designed as a LMO (Large Multiplayer Online).. basically an RPG which takes place over several servers (each being a separate planet).

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Posted by on Mar 8th, 2011

Jedi Knight Galaxies, the single most ambitious and thorough modification to ever grace the JKA engine, is seeking a talented XSI or 3Ds Max 5/6 animator, to join our talented team.

Animation is a tough job, as JKG aims to bring some completely new features to the Jedi Academy community. While a lot of animations have already been completed, we have so far been lacking the means of animating our creatures, as well as some of the finer animations being quite slow in making, through inferior programs (Dragon).

We are therefore looking for animators that are proficient with either 3Ds Max 5 or 6, or XSI (Mod tool).

As an animator for JKG, you'll be working with:

* Creature animations (From small Ghouls to majestic Krayt Dragons)
* Player character animations (Various anims, possibly lightsaber combat animations)

As an animator for JKG you will be working closely with every member of the team, to create something that has become far more than a simple mod; it is the dream of any Star Wars fan.

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Sep 26, 2008
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