San Andreas: Jaws will be a conversion mod being made for GTA: San Andreas. You will experience Jaws trying to kill, Missions based on the Movies. Boats from the movie such as the Orca play as Roy Schneider and many more. This mod will hopefully be released within the next few weeks. During that time we will need to fix some glitches, bugs, all sort of things. JAWS will attack your boat and will damage your boat you will have a timer for 5 mins. IF you do not kill JAWS within that time JAWS will kill you and mission failed. Thank you too ZAZ on GTAF for the script. The BETA is a CLEO mod read the README on how too install it.

The Team:

Doctor Emmett L. Brown/J. Jones - Leader/Founder/Radio DJ/Map Positioning
K.I.T.T. - Co - Leader
FUTD - Coder/Sound Editor/Radio DJ/Texture Artist
Osaka - Coder

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