Founded by film maker and budding game developer Simon Benjamin. Invulnerable Productions aims to produce innovative games as well as feature films.

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Fish anyone?
Deus Ex

Fish anyone?

Feb 12, 2010 Summer 101 5 comments

School is hitting me hard, got some new images to show by our new team member Darma.

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Media Update #5
Revolution: Genesis

Media Update #5

Apr 20, 2011 Revolution: Genesis 0 comments

After a long time of no updates, here it comes! Things have been rocky lately in terms of progress but with our smaller scope prequel, it is safe to say...

Monthly News #4
Revolution: Genesis

Monthly News #4

Oct 4, 2010 Revolution: Genesis 2 comments

September has been a bit of a slow month, that doesn't mean that nothing got done! We are continuing to gather more musicians in order to use their tracks...

Monthly News #3
Revolution: Genesis

Monthly News #3

Sep 3, 2010 Revolution: Genesis 2 comments

Great month with more artwork, level design and programming going really well. We switched to UDK and we are working towards completing a tech demo really...

Monthly News #2
Revolution: Genesis

Monthly News #2

Aug 5, 2010 Revolution: Genesis 0 comments

July has been a very productive month! With new team members and more stuff being done, it is safe to say that Revolution will have no trouble being completed...

Jun 18, 2010
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