Founded by film maker and budding game developer Simon Benjamin. Invulnerable Productions aims to produce innovative games as well as feature films.

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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Level Designers

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Revolution: Genesis is a 3 dimensional side scrolling platforming action game. Players step into the roller blades of inline youth skaters with the ability to use aggressive inline skating to get to any spot, spray graffiti and fight anyone who stands in the way. There is an old school approach to this prequel with main focus on the story and experience. The game will not only consist of technological utilisation but also innovative game content that provides fresh and unique entertainment.

The project is entirely an Indie Game Project with no financial assistance at the moment. Support from the community is vital for us to continue to create games based on our philosophy of taking games we know and love and creating what we would have loved to be in them.

Game mechanics only shine when presented in a variety of good looking and fun to play environments. Level Designer Candidates are to be able to use 3D modelling programs such as 3DS Max or Blender to create level geometry and detailed meshes to create stylised levels that consist of a range of types of locations, detail and utilisation of the game’s core mechanics and other features.

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