We are a small Indie games development company based in the UK. We have gone through many confusion over the years and we were part of Gear-Studios which disbanded in 2012. Since then we have become independent and have learned to stand on our own two feet. Our vision is to create games that people actually want, and we aim to listen to our community and give the community what they want. A lot of our plans and ideas come from our community so it's what we cherish most. Our aim is to go outside of the box and create new and great ideas for gamers of today, rather than following the mainstream.

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Anywhere [OLD] Concept Artist at Infinity Interactive

concept artist infinity interactive anywhere artists hello, we are looking for a talented concept artist to sketch up drawings based off real world objects such as weapons, vehicles and even characters. we want someone who can create realistic drawings and be able to get them on their computer. you will be given plenty of reference material so you have something to go off. it's up to you whether you want to draw with the computer or without, whatever suits you best. it is a good thing to have samples of work and have experience with creating concept art for games before. your concept art will be used by modelers and mappers to help get a better sense and idea of how to create something. the project you will be working on is war of the servers, if you have any further questions please include them in your application. we are not currently working to any deadlines as of now however in the future we will be working to deadlines but they will be reasonable. we are looking for people who enjoy what they do and enjoy working in a team. we hope you consider us. please attach some samples of previous work in your application as it helps speed up the process. thankyou

Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Infinity Interactive

texture artist infinity interactive anywhere artists as a texture artist you are expected to make high resolution materials for mappers polygons. textures can range from bloody floors, to clean kitchen work tops! you are required to begin making textures as soon as asked by mappers. you must try to capture what the mapper wants. basic rules - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for infinity interactive applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. - you must be a team player and friendly towards your co-workers. if you have a problem you wish to talk about, contact ancient. as for all jobs at infinity interactive, they are unpaid as of now, but we hope to pay members of staff further in the future so if accepted now you are offered a permanent place. as always good luck and try to make your email as satisfying as possible. you must show examples of your work in the application. thankyou for reading.

Jun 30, 2012
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