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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Audio/Music

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Hello, I am pac0amster, the Developer of Portal 2: Abyss I am looking for talented musicians who are willing to work for free or very cheaply for helping my project.

The Mod itself tell the story of a military woman who get taken by the combine soldiers. While invading the Earth, the combine has partially taken over the Aperture Science Laboratories and they started experimentation over humans there. Things went wrong and you got lose.

This is the current Moddb page.

The genre of the music I am looking for vary between the themes and differents areas. It will be mostly Orchestral and Electrical music.
Here's the OST of Portal 2

My mod is a bit more Dark than Portal 2 itself. It also apply for the songs themselves. The major part of the Mod will happen in the Underground facility. It is mainly made of "behind the scene" and destroyed environement. I am looking for songs that fit this ambience.

We can talk about it on Skype, Steam or via Emails. ( See how to apply )

I am thinking about at least 10 - 15 different songs. It may be more as the development goes.

This is a good opportunity if you are new or want to practice. You will be credited and you will also have rights to pretest the Mod during the development phase.

Being a fan or having a good background of Portal 2 would help a lot.

Thank you.

To Apply

Please send me your contact information and your portfolio at pac0master@topica-rp.com

Thank you

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