The Improbability Team is currently working on creating the Reality Check Mod

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Anywhere [OLD] All Positions at Improbability Team

all positions improbability team anywhere web/other the improbability team currently has one project, the creation of a half-life 2 mod named "reality check". once at least 2 people have joined the team an official mod db group will be formed. until the mod db group is formed a steam group will be used as the main team group. the team currently needs these positions filled. texture maker. voice actors.(currently need a minimum of 1 female and 2 male voice actors, test lines available on request) model designers. lua programmers.(details on currently needed scripting on request) advanced map designers(need to be able to fully utilize the hammer editor in some way to apply for this position. demonstration of mastery may help with getting this position) basic map designers(basic understanding of the hammer editor is required) currently full positions: music directors and creators.(if applying to create music for the mod a sample of music talent is required)

Jun 22, 2010
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