Mapocalypse Studio is a mapping studio mainly for Source games. We are developping stand alone maps and game modifications.

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Anywhere [OLD] Texture Artist at Mapocalypse Studio

texture artist mapocalypse studio anywhere artists a hl2 mod called warzone the mod so far will be based in a world if thats what you want to call it, you will find yourself roaming through subway tunnels, subway stations, sewers, caves, towns and so many more exciting environments. the 'world' is to be decided on the size, population and more. the mod is currently going through the planning stages, coding, mapping and more. we need you to do all textures for the mod, ok well i say all we don't expect every single texture to be custom therefore we will also be using the preset hl2 textures, anyhow if you would like to be part of the team or you know anybody looking for this type of job, please feel free to pm 'gr3ave5y' if you don't think you can do all the textures on your own but know friends that will be willing to help you, thats better for both of us i guess lol. thanks gr3ave5y

Anywhere [OLD] Lead Coder at Mapocalypse Studio

lead coder mapocalypse studio anywhere programmers hi due to various issues with our coder he decided to stop coding for both the mod and all together, until he starts college. so if you feel you could do the coding for this amazing mod, please. apply now!!!

Nov 29, 2010
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