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Anywhere [OLD] QA Tester at Hardcore Technologies

qa tester hardcore technologies anywhere qa/testers we're looking for 10 people to test our games,ideas,cutscenes and everything that goes into making a great video game. we're looking for talented people with a deep passion for video games,with an artistic sense. the candidate(s) have to pass several imagination and art test in order to get this job. please send your cover letter(copy-> paste,do not include documents) to info@hardcoretechnologies.ro

Anywhere [OLD] Video Editor,Students,video writers at Hardcore Technologies

video editor,students,video writers hardcore technologies anywhere marketing we are looing for: 1) a video editor with experience who can make the bes trailers; 2)we are looking some students for our sales dept. 3)we are looking for talented writers; candidates applying for a job as a cideo editor must show a portofolio about us: hardcore technologies label was founded in 2010 to create the most amazing and original video games for a wide public.

Anywhere [OLD] 2D Artist/painter/texturer at Hardcore Technologies

2d artist/painter/texturer hardcore technologies anywhere artists we require a few artsists to paint/draw our 3d meshes for our new project. the artist will be paid,and we will offer him as a bonus licensed software products(eg. photoshop and 3ds max 2012) please send your resume and a sample of your work at info@hardcoretechnologies.ro about us: we're a software company with lots of experience in the back. we allready have a distribution contract with iwin,and other distributors.

Anywhere [OLD] Animator/Rigger at Hardcore Technologies

animator/rigger hardcore technologies anywhere artists we're needing one animator/rigger to animate our skeletal meshes in 3ds max for unreal engine. the candidate should have at least one year experience working with 3ds max and unreal engine,or at least udk. requirements: passion for video games; 3ds max experience; unreal engine/udk experience the candidate will work as a pre-contracted partner

Anywhere [OLD] 3D Artist/Modeller at Hardcore Technologies

3d artist/modeller hardcore technologies anywhere artists hey there,and thank you for your interest in our company! we are in need of some good 3d artists,who can design and create unique weapons for our video game. the artist will be subcontracted! we require some knowledge working with 3ds max,maya or autocad. the candidate(s) must provide a portofolio.please attach a link to your work in your email to us. good luck!

Feb 17, 2013
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