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Anywhere [OLD] Voice Actors at Greenlight Games

voice actors greenlight games anywhere audio/music the contract requires: 2x british male voice actor 1x russian male voice actor 1x american male voice actor 1x american female voice actor 1x japanese male voice actor 1x australian male voice actor 1x nigerian male voice actor 1x brazilian voice actor please get in touch: thank you.

Anywhere [OLD] Voice Actors Required - Male & Female - English at Greenlight Games

voice actors required - male & female - english greenlight games anywhere audio/music the contract requires voice actors for our game. we currently require voices for our main character and 9 secondary characters. also, we need voices for ai, enemies and so on. please send us an email if you have any experience in this. in return, the contract will credit you for your work. advertise yourself, your social links, websites and any portfolios on our website including a picture. scripts are ready, we can get you started straight away with character bios. also, we have scripts you can use to try out. thank you for reading.

Apr 16, 2013
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