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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Character Artist Wanted at Greenlight Games

3d character artist wanted greenlight games anywhere artists as a start-up independent games studio, we need to make amazing characters for our games that really reflect our designs! we’re looking for someone to fill a voluntary position(possibility of paid position upon completing gombies demo) within greenlight games as a 3d character artist. this position is unpaid and a remote position, so can be done from home. roles: you will be expected to create, edit and texture 3d characters for games currently in development (such as gombies) under the project leaders supervision. you will be expected to use any 3d software of your choice, with our subscriptions to substance painter, substance designer and mixamo. creating characters for unity 5. requirements: you must own a copy of your favourite 3d modelling software (such as maya or 3ds max) you will be provided with 3d texturing, rigging and animations tools such as substance & mixamo. you will also be provided with a twitch streaming setup, to stream development live on occasion or create video dev blogs. if you’re interested in the available position please contact dean on: you will be required to take part in a small interview via skype, where you will be asked to show your previous work. in return for your work greenlight games will credit you or your company for all work created.

Apr 16, 2013
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