a small indie company seeking creative minds to make original and unique content , its not about how many computers we have , its not about how many dollars we have in our bank, its about what our players experience when using our products, that is success to this organization.

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Anywhere [OLD] Props modeler at Frozen Studios

props modeler frozen studios anywhere artists we are seeking someone capable of creating 3d models based on drawings and concept art we send him, most of these 3d models will be hard surface models including but not limited to weapons, buildings, vehicles. most of these 3d models will have a sci fi theme. you will have a lot of work so get ready to feel a little stressed, since you will be the only 3d modeler at the moment for a game with a huge terrain and concept. you must follow instructions, but you can also feel free to add your personal and artistic touch to the models you create. we want a creative mind not a squared mind. apply by sending your portofolio to frozenstudiosofficial@gmail.com

Feb 17, 2013
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