This is a group for the New Universe Mod u can only play on the New Universe 24/7 Server. Anyone is welcome to join. Feedbacks and ideas are welcome.

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New Universe mod v.1.7 One of the most advanced freelancer mods out there.

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We're currently running v.1.6 on our official server, but we're about to release v.1.7.

The new mod will bring a evolution to the Freelancer community with all its new features and functions like a item controlled cloak device (no /cloak needed) or the A.C. Pulser v.1 (Anti Cloak Pulser).

We've also finished dockable clan carriers and hull/shield repair turrets for fighters.

We're working on a build BS function; clans will have to bring a set amount of certain commodities to their clan bases to build their clan carriers.

1.7 includes also new stations and totally reworked ship textures.

U will be able to fly the best looking Star Trek fighters ever in FL as well as a few battleships with unique light maps.

We've also reworked a few effects and textures, like new nebulas, new jumpeffect, new nomad ships and much, much more.

We also reworked all vanilla stations, some more than others but U will always see a difference.
And we have rebuild Freeport 7 as a space city of unknown size.

And we're working on a story for all the changes and custom stuff.

Get ready for one of the most advanced freelancer mods ever and join now at

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