We are a small group of indie developers trying to make games which are enjoyable and fun oriented for the players. Our principle is to keep it simple and yet come out with new addictive games.

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Anywhere [OLD] Modeller, Animator and VFX Artist Needed at Freakout Games

modeller, animator and vfx artist needed freakout games anywhere artists hi, freakout games is an indie development studio. we are basically into mobile game development and are now venturing into pc platform. our basic idea is to come up with small, fun and exciting game for the player's in mobile and something unique, challenging & adventure style games in pc platform . we want to constantly keep coming up with good games so that we can target for bigger goals and have a very efficient team. as a start up we have already released two android games and its available in many stores like google play store, amazon, slideme etc. our team members consist of game industry professionals.we work full time in gaming studio and do this work after our day job.programmer with nearly 5 years experience, concept artist with more than 10 years experience etc. what we are focusing on now is to get a proper base so that we can start generating revenue and get our team work on these projects full time. we are looking for candidates who are: passionate about games, interested in joining a start up spare few hours from there daily job stick to there task and deadline as a team we are very flexible and every member have the freedom to pitch there ideas and views about the game. more information will be passed on to interested candidates. talent needed: 1) modeller + texturing artist 2) animator (rigger) 3) vfx artist modeller and animator should be proficient with maya/max. candidate should have a portfolio website or demo reel to showcase there work. website: http://www.freakoutgames.tk/ compensation plan: its a non-paid job at present but the scenario will get changed in future.indie with limited resources so have to be optimistic :) technology: we are using unity3d game engine. contact method: please send your resume/cv to: teamfreakoutstudios@gmail.com or you can reach us through our website: http://www.freakoutgames.tk/ previous work by team: two of our games can be downloaded from google play store: 1) freaky tup: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...game.freakytup 2) freaky dragon: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freakout.freakydragon

Anywhere [OLD] Marketing/PR/Business Co-ordinator (Needed) at Freakout Games

marketing/pr/business co-ordinator (needed) freakout games anywhere marketing hi, freakout games is a recently formed indie game development studio. we develop browser based games and games on smart devices. our team has several years of experience in the industry. we have launched our first android game on amazon and slideme store: www.amazon.com/freakout-games-freaky-tup/dp/b00j26noho slideme store: http://slideme.org/application/freaky-tup as a part of expansion we are looking for people who have knowledge in marketing, building community, pr, promoting product,business analysis etc it's a non-paid job at present but the scenario will get changed in future. if you think you have the necessary skill set and attitude to join our team and aim for higher and successful goals then do forward your cv/resume. please email to: marcus_mercer@hotmail.com website(still under construction): www.freakoutgames.tk fresh graduates are also welcome to apply. looking forward to hear from all gaming enthusiasts

Feb 6, 2014
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