Rotators, also known as FOnline Developers, are a young creative group determined to recreate the feeling and gameplay of the games Fallout and Fallout 2, pushing it even further, to the limits where massively multiplayer online game meets role playing game. For this purpose, we are creating FOnline Engine for everyone. FOnline is your Fallout world - online. Recently we decided to brush up the FOnline engine and to tweak some of its areas in order to get a more flexible tool for creating RPG in general.

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Jumping into the 3d era
FOnline: 2238

Jumping into the 3d era

Mar 6, 2010 FOnline: 2238 11 comments

Jumping into the 3d era (or: how we learned to not be that flat anymore.) A long time has passed since we released our last developer video and really...

FOnline SDK Released!

FOnline SDK Released!

Aug 31, 2010 FOnline Engine 12 comments

Attention! Now everybody can make his own Fallout Online, with blackjack and hookers. The SDK, which allows making significant changes and launching your...

Update and a new video by Cryofluid
FOnline: 2238

Update and a new video by Cryofluid

Dec 17, 2010 FOnline: 2238 7 comments

After a long time of struggle with the town control, the competing teams can finally sigh with relief - with the latest update, as of yesterday, the town...

Vault Network Overload
FOnline: 2238

Vault Network Overload

Feb 26, 2012 FOnline: 2238 2 comments

The server is down for four days due to an attack and inability to manage it remotely in a proper way. Considering the circumstances, the question emerges...

FOnline: 2238 source released
FOnline: 2238

FOnline: 2238 source released

Jul 2, 2013 FOnline: 2238 2 comments

After shutting down the FOnline: 2238 server an issue remained bothering the developers of the game: what to do with the code, tools and the custom created...

Jul 14, 2009
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