A game development company currently developing indie-horror game, Prehysteria.

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Anywhere [OLD] Prehysteria - 3D Artist at Fiddlehead Games

prehysteria - 3d artist fiddlehead games anywhere artists we're currently a small team with a few years of game design experience and games under our belts. such titles include indie-horror titles like paranormal, and faceless. we started up our own studio over at fiddlehead to follow a pure "survival-horror" based studio in the games industry. i left the team in charge of faceless to pursue more original, and interesting concepts. other experience includes things like: league of legends, need for speed pro street, and sound work in films such as kick-ass, les miserables, and more. our first project is called prehysteria and it's going to be an extremely unique game, and capture the imaginations of the entire gaming community. we have a good feeling. without further ado, let me explain the project. --- prehysteria is an open-world, survival horror game set on an island somewhere in the middle of the bermuda triangle. players awaken on the beach after surviving the sinking of the cruise ship they were on, and they're the only survivor (three more survivors if playing co-op). the survivor(s) soon find out they're not alone on the island as it is populated by animals thought to have long been extinct... so, the game is a survival-horror game set on a tropical island full of dinosaurs. there is no means of weaponry and no way to kill the prehistoric giants. you'll be armed with a flashlight that survives the wreckage, and numerous rocks you can pick up on the island to distract the larger carnivores for a short amount of time, or scare the smaller ones away. --- we need someone who can model various props, environment objects, and also take our dinosaurs from concept art to actual 3d creation. animating, and rigging would be an added bonus and you'd be paid more when that time comes.

Jan 15, 2013
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