Previously known as EXM Games. We're a group of gamers from around the world that has come together, to bring you the cutting edge in interactive entertainment. We're currently developing several exciting titles for the mobile and PC markets. And, we'll eventually branch out to next gen consoles, as well. Our goal is to create fun and memorable experiences, for those who love games that are story-driven and action-packed.

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Carnage Frontier: Zombie Horde
Carnage Frontier: Zombie Horde

Carnage Frontier: Zombie Horde Indie

1 year ago TBD Single Player Arcade

Zombie Horde is an Story driven, Arcade style "fixed view shooting gallery game" for mobile devices. The game features over 15 gory levels, more than...

Crazy Memory
Crazy Memory

Crazy Memory Indie

1 year ago Released May 20, 2013 Single Player Puzzle Compilation

Proceed with caution! This isn't your grandma's pack of memory cards. It's Crazy Memory, a new twist on the classic memory card game. Match pairs and...

Demon Runner
Demon Runner

Demon Runner Indie

15 hours ago Released Feb 26, 2014 Single Player Adventure

Dash toward your destiny and destroy the demons in front of you. Demon Runner isn't just another runner game, this one makes a focus on weapons, enemies...

Slaughter Maze
Slaughter Maze

Slaughter Maze Indie

6 days ago TBD Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

Welcome to the unpredictable Slaughter Maze, the ever changing third person shooter that puts you in a constantly reconfiguring maze against 7 other bloodthirsty...

Super Zombie Desperation
Super Zombie Desperation

Super Zombie Desperation Indie

5 days ago TBD Single Player Arcade

This is how Zombie Desperation should have been done. A story-line, tons of new enemies, new weapons, new scenarios, boss fights and much more. Prepare...

Zombie Desperation
Zombie Desperation

Zombie Desperation Indie

16 hours ago Released Dec 5, 2012 Single Player Arcade

Zombie Desperation is horror themed games for Android and iOS Devices. The player will fight hordes of enemies across six scenarios. The game is FREE...

Jan 15, 2012
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